Bolivia Day

bolivian flag

The Anti-American Axis together wished their new friend, Evo Morales congratulations! August 6 is Bolivia’s Independence Day. Morales received calls from al-Assad of Syria and Lukashenko of Belarussia. The Cuban Vice- President Carlos Lage visited Bolivia where he praised the work of Cuban doctors and teachers now working in Bolivia. It is interesting to note that Cuba also sent these “doctors” and “teachers” to Venezuela too. Morales also announced that he will try to rewrite the constitution. He already has begun his “agrarian revolution” by breaking up old land holdings and redistributing the land to peasants. He also gave out free tractors and other farm equipment.

(Story fromĀ  Narco News,


Ahmadinejad’s Speech

AhmadinejadI usually do not like to simply copy things from the internet. I like to write with my own words. However, this speech from Ahmadinejad is worth posting in full. The speech aired on the Iranian News Channel and was posted by (Bold type mine)

This quote especially caught my attention- “Today, the Iranian people is the owner of nuclear technology. Those who want to talk with our people should know what people they are talking to. If some believe they can keep talking to the Iranian people in the language of threats and aggressiveness, they should know that they are making a bitter mistake. If they have not realized this by now, they soon will, but then it will be too late. Then they will realize that they are facing a vigilant, proud people.

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