Why isn’t this top news?

“Iran is already showing signs of aggression. Just two days ago, Iranian Navy supply ships surrounded a Romanian oil rig in the Persian Gulf. One of the ships opened fire on the platform after the captain was denied entry to the rig. Then, five Iranian commandos armed with Kalashnikov machine guns climbed onto the platform, rounded up the rig’s crew onto the helicopter pad, and tied up the rest in the cafeteria.” (http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/press.asp?rls_id=392&cat_id=6)

This is a true act of aggression. Yet I did not see it anywhere on the news. I heard about it while listening to the radio. I think Americans need to focus more attention to the Persian Gulf since we have a large military presence there. I was really upset that this was almost ignored by the press. However, we know what color shirt John Mark Karr wore and whether or not he had a good sleep.

As of right now, the Romanians and the Iranians were able to reach an agreement and called it a commercial dispute. Is this the end of trouble from Iran? I don’t believe so.