A Prediction from December 2005

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer wrote a column last December about Ahmadinejad’s plans for a apocalypse. After Ahmadinejad was elected, he put millions of dollars of government funds in place in Iran where the 12th Iman is supposed to return. Ahmadinejad predicts that this Iman will return in two years. Now we have a war between Israel and Hezbollah.


August 22 Surprise


Ahmadinejad said that it would reply to the West about ending its nuclear program on August 22. It is said that date marks the day the Prophet Mohammed ascended into heaven. There is a rumor that Ahmadinejad has a surprise for Israel on that day. Will he “light up” Jerusalem’s skies on that day? Will the West be able to stop him? Is this just a rumor? Will it be a nuclear attack, terrorist attack like 9/11, or more missile attacks? I think the plot in our Anti-American Axis drama has thickened. Iran should be closely watched the next couple of weeks.

In my opinion, I believe that this whole war with Israel was started by Iran, in order to create chaos and a world wide hatred of Israel. The weeks will show whether or not my theory is correct.