Why isn’t this top news?

“Iran is already showing signs of aggression. Just two days ago, Iranian Navy supply ships surrounded a Romanian oil rig in the Persian Gulf. One of the ships opened fire on the platform after the captain was denied entry to the rig. Then, five Iranian commandos armed with Kalashnikov machine guns climbed onto the platform, rounded up the rig’s crew onto the helicopter pad, and tied up the rest in the cafeteria.” (http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/press.asp?rls_id=392&cat_id=6)

This is a true act of aggression. Yet I did not see it anywhere on the news. I heard about it while listening to the radio. I think Americans need to focus more attention to the Persian Gulf since we have a large military presence there. I was really upset that this was almost ignored by the press. However, we know what color shirt John Mark Karr wore and whether or not he had a good sleep.

As of right now, the Romanians and the Iranians were able to reach an agreement and called it a commercial dispute. Is this the end of trouble from Iran? I don’t believe so.


Trouble on the Lebonese/Syrian Border

news.jpgSyrian president Bashar al-Assad says that he will close the border if the UN and Lebanon deploy troops on its border. He will consider it an act of hostility. I guess the problems in that area will never get solved. Plus the problems between Syria and Lebanon run deep. The Lebonese just kicked the Syrians out for the most part, though the Syrian/Iranian backed Hezbollah continue to run in the south and in other areas around Lebanon.

I read an article here, ( http://www.netanyahu.org/moshyppeopon.html) from the Metula News Agency written from another viewpoint of the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict. I found it very interesting and also have never seen a Lebonese viewpoint that was anti-Hezbollah.
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Kim Jong Il the Lover


Kim Jong Il has a new mistress after the death of his wife. Her name is Kim Ok. She has a wonderful apartment, gets to accompany Kim Jong Il on trips and gets access to Kim Jong Il’s private safe. She takes the place of the dictator’s recently deceased wife. I know this guy has power, but I still can’t imagine him in the role of husband or lover.

I wonder if she will accompany the dictator when he goes to China to discuss his intentions to test nuclear weapons? Will she side with the Chinese and try to dissuade him? I don’t think so. I don’t think Kim Jong Il is capable of loving anyone other than himself enough to listen. He is even refusing to listen to his friends in China. More than likely he chooses women that worship him, either for real or to keep themselves alive another day.

No Surprise in the Sky

blixatronWell, I guess that the August 22 Surprise was all a rumor! Thank goodness for that. However, I notice that Ahmadinejad is playing the Kim Jong Il/Saddam Hussein game with the UN. Do I think he will give up his nuclear program under UN pressure? Ha ha ha! If he doesn’t what will happen? Will he get a nasty letter?

August 22 Surprise


Ahmadinejad said that it would reply to the West about ending its nuclear program on August 22. It is said that date marks the day the Prophet Mohammed ascended into heaven. There is a rumor that Ahmadinejad has a surprise for Israel on that day. Will he “light up” Jerusalem’s skies on that day? Will the West be able to stop him? Is this just a rumor? Will it be a nuclear attack, terrorist attack like 9/11, or more missile attacks? I think the plot in our Anti-American Axis drama has thickened. Iran should be closely watched the next couple of weeks.

In my opinion, I believe that this whole war with Israel was started by Iran, in order to create chaos and a world wide hatred of Israel. The weeks will show whether or not my theory is correct.

Israel Recalls Ambassador from Venezuela

Chavez and Castro

Israel recalled its ambassador to Venezuela after Hugo Chavez compared Israel to Hitler on Al-Jazeera TV. Knowing that the groups Chavez supports in Syria, for example, has Nazi roots make his comments sound insane. Ahmadinejad just last year held a Holocaust Denier’s conference and wants Israel off the map. It is obvious that his audience is uneducated as the people Chavez supports are more connected to Hitler.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Regev said, “We are concerned at the attitude of Venezuela… They have allied themselves with the most extreme elements in the region.”

(quotes from Reuters)